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  • While it is exciting to see young entrepreneurs launching startups, this study shows that older founders are far more likely to be successful. Well, experience does give them the advantage. Young founders could however, bring on a senior colleague with relevant experience as a co-founder or mentor, to ensure they have a combination of youth and experience.

  • Living in the here and now, understanding that nothing in permanent in life(including life itself) , understanding self etc are all lessons taught even thousands of years back in the Bhagavad Gita; but we never seem to learn them. Here are five simple tips on similar lines.

  • Some interesting tips from former US President Barack Obama on keeping one’s sanity and a cool head.

  • 30th March, 2019 was world bipolar day. A day to bring focus on this serious issue so many people face; but many probably never realise they have it. An article that shares experiences of some people.

  • Stress comes with anxiety; it also happens when we stop following a basic daily discipline for the body, the mind and in managing our life’s activities. Here are six easy to follow ways to reduce stress.

  • Organisations tend to give lip service to middle and senior management training requirements. Leadership training supported by one on one coaching can make a big difference in the team management capabilities and thus ensure a happier and committed employee base.

  • Whether self employed or working for an organisation, both scenarios are seeing an increase in people working from home. How does one ensure efficiency? Here’s an article that spells out some simple tips.

  • Obsessed with an idea and often lacking past experience, startup entrepreneurs tend to fall into the trap of oversimplified assumptions about the project. This in turn, becomes the reason for unexpected hurdles, delays and eventual failures.

  • The general belief may be that introverts, due to their shy and withdrawn nature, would not be suitable for business roles. Here’s an article that explains why it is actually the other way around. Introverts do make great entrepreneurs. Read this to know why!!!

  • As we go through ups and downs in life, so does our self esteem, moving along with our varied experiences. What is data saying about when one’s self esteem is at the peak? Read this brief article and find out.