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About infinum

About Us

Infinum Growth Insights is a Bengaluru based firm that

conducts Training Programs for Personal Growth and Development and offers Management Consultancy to business organisations.

The firm also owns and operates the online magazine offers short films and curated write ups on a wide range of subjects related to business development and personal growth.
The write ups and films offer insights that cover interest areas of the entire community of working professionals, irrespective of their domain focus, since there is a large focus on aspects of personal development apart from broad areas of  business and organisational management,

Our Belief

Businesses begin with great ideas, often born out of intuitively detected opportunities and a passion to build something new; converting these ideas into positive, sustainable results is the art and science of management.

From start-up through early growth to maturity-at every stage, businesses encounter challenges. Negotiating these challenges wisely and effectively, each time, is the only way to sustainable growth.

Business Management stands on four critical pillars-strategy, structure, process, execution.

These pillars come alive only when infused with the right level of people capability and commitment; and graduate to excellence when enveloped with the team’s passion.

Our Training and Consulting Work

We offer training programs, mentoring and coaching support to enable personal growth as individuals and as working professionals.

Our programs are based on the principles of Transactional Analysis, for Personal Growth & Development. Transactional Analysis, the theory on human behaviour postulated by Dr.Eric Berne, enables an individual to look within, to understand one’s own behaviour and the reasons for the same. This, in turn, helps resolve internal conflicts and builds the way to improve self esteem and relationships with others.

Corporate Programs

  1. Personal Growth – building Self Awareness and Inter personal Skills
  2. Team Work – building team working skills for greater efficiencies at workplaces
  3. Winning with People – Workshop on Managing teams and  Peer level alignments
  4. Leadership development – Workshop on developing Leadership skills through self awareness and personal exploration

Open programs

  1. TA -101 – A two days introductory workshop on understanding the basic concepts of Transactional Analysis. This is an internationally certified program.
  2. Script Workshop – A one-day workshop to understand deeper patterns of behavior gaining insights on the source of those patterns and ways to resolve or deal with them. This program is offered to those who have completed a TA 101 course.
  3. Heal your Life – A two-day workshop based on the philosophy of Louise Hay. The objective of this workshop is to facilitate emotional healing and change for individuals.

Professional Courses

  1. Foundation course in Transactional Analysis – a one-year, part time course which provides a deeper understanding of the framework and application to self. This is a prerequisite for those wanting to become professionals in the field of Transactional Analysis.
  2. Advanced Training in Transactional Analysis – A four-year, part time course to become a certified Transactional Analyst in the field of Psychotherapy.

Our Consulting Work

We offer business management consultancy in designing Business Strategy, Business Development programs, Business Structures, Business Processes and People Development programs. We also work closely with Entrepreneurs and CEOs to provide Mentoring/Coaching support.

Our Founding Team

  • Ragini Rao

    A post graduate in Psychology from Delhi University, Ragini is a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst(TSTA), certified by International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA). She has over twenty five years of experience as Counsellor, Trainer and Therapist.

    Ragini runs advanced training groups in Transactional Analysis to train individuals to become certified Transactional Analysts in psychotherapy. She has conducted Transactional Analysis based programs across India as well as in Singapore and Bangladesh.

    Her corporate training programs focus on personal transformation of the individual, providing a strong sense of self awareness and developing a confident and positive approach in dealing with professional and personal relationships.

    Corporates where she has run training programs and interventions include the Adani Group, Mindtree Consulting, ITC ltd, M.N.Dastur & Co, ABP group, Medtronic India and Tesco India.

    Ragini is also qualified as a Licensed Workshop Leader for the “Heal Your Life” Workshops based on the self healing philosophy of the international author and metaphysical teacher Louise L.Hay. She has clocked over 5000 hours as a consulting psychotherapist to individual clients in Kolkata and Bangalore cities.

    She is the present President of the South Asian Association of Transactional Analysts (SAATA).

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  • Sridhar Rao

    A Mechanical Engineer and MBA from Delhi University, with over thirty four years’ experience across Telecom, Mobile Payments, Apparel and Textile industries with companies in India, Indonesia and Western Europe, Sridhar brings a long and varied international experience in business and people management.

    He is also a Co-Founder of Novopay Solutions, Bengaluru, a Fintech company in banking and payments space. He was the CEO of Novopay and managed the launch and growth of the business for the first three years.

    Sridhar’s last corporate assignment was for eight years with Vodafone India. Here he was a CEO of Kolkata and West Bengal circles, where he lead the business from infancy to a strong market leadership position with over 15 million subscribers.He later became the first CEO for Vodafone m-pesa, India, where he was responsible for bringing the project from concept to operations launch stage.

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  • Sirish Rao

    Sirish Rao is a Film Making professional with a formal training in Cinematography from the Mindscreen Film Institute, Chennai and in Digital Filmmaking from the FX School Mumbai. His core strengths are Cinematography and Post Production Film Editing.

    He is the Digital Media head at Infinum Growth Insights. He is also the founder of Sir2d2 Productions a short film making venture based at Bengaluru. Besides this, Sirish works with other film makers on various film projects.

    Sirish looks after the film making, online content management and marketing activities for
    Being a cinematographer and editor, he is personally involved in the making of his films from start to finish.

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