Indira Rao

Senior Marketing Professional; Telecom Industry, USA

Indira Rao is a veteran Telecom professional with 30 years of industry experience. She recently retired as a Marketing Director at AT&T Business Services in the U.S.; responsible for driving and implementing the strategy for transforming the communications infrastructure for businesses with the latest high-speed fiber technology.

Indira’s career spanned a broad range of experience with cutting-edge telecommunications technologies. Prior to her last role, she led a team that transformed the approach to targeted marketing and pricing within AT&T Business by using advanced data analytics driven by machine learning.

She also led the product development and launch of AT&T’s 4G LTE network and its support for business applications. In the early years of Voice over IP, she was also part of AT&T’s pioneering team responsible for developing and launching Business Voice over IP products.

Indira Rao holds an MBA from Columbia University, USA and an MA in Economics from Delhi University, India.

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