Solitude: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Being Alone

Solitude: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Being Alone

Haider Jasdan

Senior HR Professional & Psychotherapist


Picture this: a bustling city, streets alive with the symphony of honking horns and hurried footsteps. Amidst the chaos, there I was, a small figure navigating the urban jungle, my mind tethered to the perpetual stream of notifications on my phone. In this cacophony, I realized I had lost touch with something essential – the art of solitude.

I vividly recall the turning point, a revelation that dawned upon me during a solo trip to a quaint mountain town a couple of years ago. Surrounded by towering pines and the crisp mountain air, I suddenly felt the absence of constant chatter and digital noise. It was as if the mountains and lush green forest whispered the importance of embracing solitude.

Awakening to the value of Being Alone

That trip became a catalyst for rediscovery, an awakening to the value of being alone without feeling lonely. Solitude, I learned, is not a void but a canvas waiting for the strokes of self-reflection and personal growth. As the mountains stood tall, I started to unravel the layers of constant connectivity that had become my default setting.

In a world that can’t seem to get enough of constant connectivity, let’s talk about something we’ve been letting slip away – the lost art of solitude. You know, that sweet spot where you’re alone, not lonely, and it feels just right. In this article, I want to dive into what solitude really means, shine a light on why hanging out with yourself is so darn important, and share some of the ways I’ve made friends with this forgotten art.

Getting to Know Solitude

Solitude isn’t just about being by yourself; it’s a conscious choice to disconnect from the hustle and bustle around you. It’s a chance to turn inward, have a little chat with yourself, and recharge. In the midst of life’s chaos, solitude lets us escape the noise and create a quiet space for a bit of self-discovery.

Why Bother with Alone Time?

Alone time is like a secret sauce for personal growth, mental clarity, and emotional well-being. In the whirlwind of our daily lives, taking a breather lets us process thoughts and feelings, adding some much-needed spice to our routine. It’s like flexing your independence muscles and gearing up to tackle whatever life throws your way.

So, How does one Embrace Solitude?

a. Unplug to Reconnect:

Ever thought of ditching the digital chaos for a bit? Try spending time in nature or just chilling in a quiet spot. I’m guilty of scheduling daily walks, fitness, and even some dedicated ‘do-nothing’ time on my calendar. Blocking this time out helps me plan my solo adventures better.

b. Cultivate Your Passions:

Use your alone time to dive into things you love. Whether it’s reading, writing, painting, or jamming on an instrument, doing what makes your heart happy turns solitude into a party. Personally, penning down Urdu poems, solving word puzzles, and cooking solo meals are my go-to activities for some quality alone time.

c. Zen Out with Mindfulness and Meditation:

Ever tried wrangling your thoughts with mindfulness or meditation? These tricks can help calm the mental storm, slash stress, and let you vibe with yourself. If sitting alone with your thoughts feels like a wrestling match, no worries – there are meditation apps and YouTube channels to guide you.

d. Solo Adventures and Travel:

Here’s a personal favorite – embark on solo adventures or trips. Exploring new places alone is like a date with yourself, where you set the pace and make choices based on your whims. With every journey, I’ve not just collected memories but also learned a thing or two about life.

e. Jot It Down with Journaling:

Feeling a bit lost in the solitude sea? Try journaling. Scribbling down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences can be a game-changer. It’s like shining a light on your emotional attic and watching personal growth unfold. Sure, it might take a bit of nudging and discipline, but once you’re on the journaling train, there’s no turning back – it becomes a way of life.

In the rush of our crazy lives, let’s not forget to reclaim the lost art of solitude. Taking a moment for yourself isn’t tapping out of life; it’s a savvy investment in your well-being. So, let’s understand why solitude is a VIP guest in the party of life and invite it in through various activities. In those quiet solo moments, we reconnect with ourselves, grow a bit, and savor the delightful company we keep – with ourselves.

Happy Solituding!

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Pius Maria Prasad
Pius Maria Prasad
5 months ago

Beautifully written article. Liked the free flow style