Radhika Bhat

Counsellor & psychotherapist

Radhika Bhat is a Transactional Analyst in Psychotherapy. She follows the Relational model in her work with clients, which is also called a two person therapy.

Radhika has over 7 years’ of experience in holding therapy sessions. She has completed her masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Kuvempu University after which she joined the TA training group which was conducted by Ragini Rao and Sailaja Manacha.

Apart from TA, she has participated in various certification courses like psychodrama by Sue Daniel from Australia, Constellation workshop by Christene, dance therapy by Tripura Kashyap, to name a few.

Radhika believes that life can be lived joyously only if one can look within oneself and make changes.


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