Personal Development Skills

Personal Development is a mantra at InfinumGrowth; we, therefore, look at it from every possible angle.

For us, personal development means the personal and professional growth of the individual; so as to be capable of handling life’s needs and challenges with great satisfaction.

True satisfaction with life happens when there is all round wellbeing – on the mental, emotional, relational, professional, financial and spiritual fronts. This happens when we develop personal development skills that help us in –

  • building awareness about self and others, with whom we relate or interact;
  • facing situations and challenges with clarity and confidence;
  • setting goals and objectives for ourselves which truly bring lasting happiness to self and those around us.

Building Personal Development Skills

InfinumGrowth offers a wholesome mix of learning and self improvement tools on a range of personal development topics. These help build personal development skills due to greater awareness about self, others, relationship management, emotional wellbeing etc; and the awareness and skills enable bring about change at work and in personal life; be it for a working professional or a homemaker.

Our tools that enable personal development skills include –

  • Articles & short films
  • live, online, community connect programs
  • personal development training programs – live and learning videos
  • one-to-one counselling & psychotherapy sessions
  • one-to-one coaching and mentoring support

All of the above are facilitated by experienced professionals from the related fields who provide inputs based on their learning and experiences.

So, if you are looking to build your personal development skills, here are our range of options.

1. Read over 250 articles on this site, across different categories of topics –

Self Awareness, Mindfulness, Relationships, Emotions, Happiness,

Leadership, Management, Entrepreneurship, Success.

2. Watch our range of short films across some of these categories

at the InfinumGrowth Youtube channel

3. Check out our personal development training programs, learning videos and podcasts

at our online learning platform and see what suits your needs.

4. Get one-to-one help through Counselling and Therapy

check out our services at

We will connect you to the right professional from our select team of experts.

5. Get one-to-one Coaching to build life and work related skills 

Know more about our Coaching & Mentoring services at

InfinumGrowth speciality Programs for Personal Development Training

Many of our in-house designed personal development programs are based on the principles of Transactional Analysis.

Transactional Analysis, the theory on human behaviour postulated by Dr.Eric Berne, enables an individual to look within, to understand one’s own behaviour and the reasons for the same.

This, in turn, helps resolve internal conflicts and builds the way to improve self esteem and relationships with others.

On the professional front, our programs cover the needs of Business Organisations of all levels, Startups and Self Employed professionals, to help build their personal development skills.

Experienced business professionals conduct these training programs, live as well as in the learning video format, delivering insightful learning.

Professionals seeking to build their people connect skills or seeking to go deeper into Counselling and Psychotherapy domains, through the Transactional Analysis route, will find our offerings very useful, including international certificate programs in Transactional Analysis.

Corporate Offerings

InfinumGrowth offers specially designed packages for corporates and other organisations, where we combine our range of services and customise based on the client needs.

The packages are designed to enable continuous inputs for personal development of employees, while also addressing the individual’s specific needs and issues through Counselling/Coaching support.

Training Programs – Live and Learning Videos

Our founding team’s  (a) Business and Organisation Management experience and skills and (b) the understanding of human behaviour through the theories of Transactional Analysis and experience in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Training enable us design truly effective live training programs and learning videos.

Depending on the topics sought by the Organisation , we also invite specialist trainers for specific topics required to be covered.

Please write to us at to know more and to let us know your requirements.

Employee Counselling & Psychotherapy Services

InfinumGrowth offers to Organisations, Counselling and Psychotherapy services, where highly trained and experienced mental health professionals are connected to the concerned employees, to ensure effective help and support in improving the employee’s Mental and Emotional Wellbeing.

Click this link to read about our Counselling & Therapy services.

The professionals are supervised by Ragini Rao, Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analysis, who works closely with the Counsellors/Therapists in this regard.

Professional Courses

Our professional courses which help in growth as a Counsellor,  Psychotherapist or a People Management professional are –

  1. Foundation Diploma course in Transactional Analysis – A one-year, part time course which provides a deeper understanding of the framework and application to self. This is a prerequisite for those wanting to become professionals in the field of Transactional Analysis.
  2. Advanced Training in Transactional Analysis – A four-year, part time course to become a certified Transactional Analyst in the field of Psychotherapy.

The participants are certified by the ITAA(International Transactional Analysis Association) after they clear the concerned exams.

Open programs

Some of our internationally certified open programs are –

  1. TA -101 – A two days introductory workshop on understanding the basic concepts of Transactional Analysis. This is an internationally certified program.
  2. Script Workshop – A one-day workshop to understand deeper patterns of behaviour gaining insights on the source of those patterns and ways to resolve or deal with them. This program is offered to those who have completed a TA 101 course.
  3. Heal your Life – A two-day workshop based on the philosophy of Louise Hay. The objective of this workshop is to facilitate emotional healing and change for individuals.

Mentoring & Coaching

Corporate employees, Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs and Self Employed professionals going through difficulties in managing work or personal life issues are offered one-on-one Coaching and Mentoring support by our team of Coaches and Mentors.

Visit our About Us page to know more about our Founding Team.

A Glimpse of our Open Programs held Offline

TA 101 – An Introductory, Certificated Program On Transactional Analysis

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  • Good workshop. Valuable insights on the basics of TA. Great beginning for the journey of Self Awareness

    ⚊ Deepthi D

  • It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed the sense of Self Awareness. The concepts were dealt with great maturity. I was able to understand myself and the way I interact with others.

    ⚊ Jitendra Pandey

  • Very insightful training. It helped me learn about myself. These learnings I am going to incorporate in my personal and professional life.

    ⚊ Shilpika Raheja

Love Yourself – Heal Your Life

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  • Image
  • Image
  • "In the two day heal your life workshop. I did experience an emotional shift . Whatever I came for resolved for me and it’s a wonderful way to experience love and fulfilment within."

    ⚊ Vaishnavi

  • "This was a powerful workshop for me. I was able to feel and release feelings that I have been storing forever. I did get a chance to do a piece of personal work as well and I am so glad I did it. I feel a shift in my energy and the ease with which I can express. Worth giving myself that chance to heal and let go "

    ⚊ Sunita

  • "It has really helped me to get to know myself better. Understand my own feelings, thoughts, actions etc. Forgiving is helpful but doesn't come easily. I'm sure Positive visualisation will help me ."

    ⚊ Anupama

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