Mindfulness at the Workplace – Resolving problems through Sensitivity

Mindfulness at the Workplace – Resolving problems through Sensitivity

Ragini Rao

Psychotherapist, Trainer & Life Coach; Heal your Life Workshop Leader


Workplace issues can be stressful to anyone. Interactions with superiors, peers and subordinates are a constant need while ensuring work targets are met.
How often these interactions are successful and effective depends on whether they satisfy the needs of all concerned.
Sensitivity to the situation and to the individuals involved, can go a long way in finding workable solutions with greater teamwork.
Mindfulness builds Sensitivity, which is needed to solve problems effectively and to greater satisfaction.
Here’s a short film, made by Sirish Rao,  which shows a typical situation in business organisations; with a commentary by Ragini Rao on the situation and the effect of Mindfulness.

Also watch our earlier two films in this series on Mindfulness.
Here’s the link to the folder on our YouTube channel, Infinum Films.

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Chitra Ravi
4 years ago

Really nice videos! Kudos to Ragini and Sirish.. clear and powerful. Chitra Ravi

Kamal Pruthi
Kamal Pruthi
1 year ago

Insightful article and videos…
Kamal Pruthi