Monthly Archives: February 2017

  • Dramanon – Delivering Corporate Learning through theatre

    Dramanon (short for Dramatist Anonymous) is a theatre repertory based out of 3 cities that supports original writing, stages theatre […]

  • Revolutionizing Merchant Payments

    Traditionally electronic payments have meant Debit and Credit card payments at shops; and the global norm is for the card […]

  • Sustainable Startups – The three way test

    After centuries of product and process improvisation, most basic human needs are currently met in an existing, satisfactory way; Or […]

  • #Appfrenzy – Are you Part of it too?

    The film #Appfrenzy, takes a look at the fast growing culture of mobile apps for consumers. What do consumers say […]

  • Startups – Ready to fly

    The film Startups- Ready to fly, is a film showing the new enthusiasm amongst professionals to start their own businesses […]

  • The Bootstrapped Warriors

    This film talks to two startups from Bengaluru, Mobisy Technologies and Indusface, our Bootstrapped Warriors, who show us how they […]

  • Four Human Emotions – 6 ways in which they help us in life

    Nature developed our emotions over millions of years of evolution to act as a guiding system. Emotions form a significant part of our lives.

  • TA Concepts – Transactions

    The film  TA Concepts – Transactions, is an explainer video on the subject of Transactional Analysis; it explains our behaviour […]

  • Take a break – Discover yourself

    The film, Take a Break – Discover yourself, identifies the typical problem faced by professionals in today’s world. It introduces Transactional Analysis to emphasize the importance of self awareness and its value in leading stress free lives. (3mins)

  • TA concepts -Ego States

    The film, TA concepts – Ego States, explains the theory of Ego states and shows how in our daily lives we can improve our communication and relationships with this understanding. (4mins)