The Bootstrapped Warriors

The Bootstrapped Warriors

Sirish Rao

Co Founder, InfinumGrowth



This film talks to two startups from Bengaluru, Mobisy Technologies and Indusface, our Bootstrapped Warriors, who show us how they managed to break even after their initial struggles and how they are now on the road to scale up to admirable volumes of business, without large external funding.(11mins)

Bootstrapping is probably as old as mankind. “Cut the coat according to the cloth” is an old saying, which means spend within your means or work to the extent of resources available.

Even just a few years back, most of the new businesses started depended on their own resources to start and then supplemented that with bank loans.

However, times have changed and private investors have come forward to support new ideas, especially in the IT sector. With that has spurred a new enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.

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Thousands of startups are coming up every month with the belief that they will be able to garner funds to support the businesses they wish to build.

But the truth is, that only a few make the cut with investors.

That of course does not mean it is the end of the road!

Innovative products and Intelligent business strategies, keeping resources and realities in mind, backed with small but smart teams and good execution skills can still make things happen.

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