#Appfrenzy – Are you Part of it too?

#Appfrenzy – Are you Part of it too?

Sirish Rao

Co Founder, InfinumGrowth



The film #Appfrenzy, takes a look at the fast growing culture of mobile apps for consumers. What do consumers say about it? And what do the app makers have to say? Take a look. (7mins)

Apps, Apps all around …..how many do you use?!

The pace at which consumer apps are happening in our lives, while it is exciting to hear about them or see them, don’t you wonder how life would be if everything was governed by Apps?
How will we manage so many apps?
Will our phones be able to handle them?
How many is too many Apps?
Do all segments of society feel comfortable using them?

A basic premise the app maker has is that the user has a smartphone. While smartphone penetration is growing rapidly, is smartness about using the phone growing as fast?
Or are people still hesitant to use the phone for anything beyond talking?

A glance around tells us that the unsophisticated common man, at least in urban and semi-urban areas of India, has certainly taken to whatsapp and facebook amongst the social media apps.
However, very few are still adept at using their phones for other purposes including banking transactions or making payments at shops.

Mobile App

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The comfort with using mobile apps for a variety of activities will go up substantially, the day a large number of people are comfortable doing payment transactions through mobile Apps, since the most frequent daily transaction is always one of buying something at shops.

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