Transactional Analysis concepts -Understanding Ego States

Transactional Analysis concepts -Understanding Ego States

Ragini Rao

Psychotherapist, Trainer & Life Coach; Heal your Life Workshop Leader


The film, TA concepts – Ego States, explains the theory of Ego states and shows how in our daily lives we can improve our communication and relationships with this understanding. (4mins)


Ego states is the key concept in Transactional analysis. It allows us to understand the psychological structure of an individual.

Bringing awareness of the different parts of our self, and how they interact with each other within us; and with people around us is the first step towards personal  growth and development.

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The theory says every human being has, within the self, three ego states- Parent, Adult and Child. All behaviour and communication originates from one or the other of these three ego states.

Knowledge and understanding of the different behaviours associated with each of the ego states enables us to understand why we behave the way we do.

The ego state model is an excellent tool to bring changes in one’s behaviour and personality.  It also likewise, enables us understand the behaviour of the others around us.

Becoming mindful of one’s behaviour and how it impacts the people around us is a significant step towards improving our relationships!

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