Mindfulness – 1; Cultivating mindfulness through yoga

Mindfulness – 1; Cultivating mindfulness through yoga

Ragini Rao

Psychotherapist, Trainer & Life Coach; Heal your Life Workshop Leader


The basic nature of our mind is to waver and allow thoughts to come and go. However, the
only way we can calm the mind is by focusing on our breath and bringing focus to the here
and now.
Cultivating Mindfulness helps in being fully present in the moment and not get distracted by past
events or future worries. It thus helps in doing full justice to the present moment; be it
improving efficiency at work or improving relationships in life.

Cultivating Mindfulness through Yoga

Through practicing meditation, developing heightened awareness of one’s thoughts and
feelings, mindfulness can be cultivated.
It is a simple practice yet needs a concerted effort to develop. It also helps us to develop compassion and empathy for others, by seeing things as they are.
Last, but not the least, cultivating mindfulness helps us to let go and not cling to any form of
Yoga is a time tested method for improving Mindfulness. Sages in the past and evolved people today, use the techniques of Yoga to practice and master the art of being mindful.

Here’s the first of a series of short films, that talk about the benefits of Cultivating Mindfulness through Yoga; and the benefits that we can accrue.

Let’s become Mindful…about being Mindful.

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