Connecting with the wise man within – becoming mindful; a poem

Connecting with the wise man within – becoming mindful; a poem

L K Vaidyanathan

Business Leader & Management Professional


In the beginning of a new year, I get inspired to pen a poem. It has been happening for the past few years. It allows me to connect with my inner self, what I call the wise man within; and, express feelings in an indirect manner.

Mindful living has attracted me for some time and I have been dabbling in practising a bit of it.The last two years of the pandemic have definitely spurred me more in that direction.

We all have experienced different levels of stress in our daily lives. It is a part of nature’s design to enable us grow – inside and outside.

The outer growth normally manifests in our appearances, behaviour, communication and social skills. The inner growth, of the wise man, is subtle and less discernible.

I was always fascinated by the relationship between the two. To me, it did not make sense to separate the two; as we are a bundle of energy, flowing through the channels which we choose to keep open.

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The inside and outside are a continuum and any separation is more of an aberration in our observation.

I came to express this through a short poem I wrote, which I am sharing below. Hope you like it.

Connecting with the wise man within

Six Decades and half of an event filled journey,

peppered with all emotions of the rainbow;

I knock at the door of the wise man nearby,

seeking guidance amidst the swirl and chaos.

Wise man of many summers and more,

with grace flowing from depth of understanding;

draws me in with a twinkle of the graceful eyes,

to enter the sacred space within.

Therein I saw a world, playing out like a movie;

with so many characters, familiar in a faint way;

With fleeting lights, voices talking to me,

the pointed arrows, shattering my protective shield.

The Wise man has pushed me into the abyss,

my mind unable to fathom the fall;

And with everything swirling around me,

I suddenly find myself totally unmoved.

Slowly and steadily, I uncoil from within,

the energy outside unable to even create a flutter;

I stand watching the movie, without my projection,

In absolute stillness and profundity.

There is no reason, no cause and effect,

I am there, with no baggage of the past;

Nothing to worry about of the future,

dissolved in the present, time standing still.

The observer, watching the creation outside,

the observed, feeling the creator within;

Slowly and steadily as the two mingle,

The observer and observed become one.

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Hema Jayaram
Hema Jayaram

Beautiful introspection and put across in a poetic form. So close to everyone’s heart. Beautiful portrayal.