Mindfulness- 2 ; Authenticity and Spontaneity – Two elements of Mindfulness

Mindfulness- 2 ; Authenticity and Spontaneity – Two elements of Mindfulness

Ragini Rao

Psychotherapist, Trainer & Life Coach; Heal your Life Workshop Leader


The way we think, feel , say and act are dependent on many aspects. One very important amongst these is our ability to be Mindful to the situation at any time. Lack of Mindfulness leads to dissatisfaction with oneself as well as an inability to have quality and sustainable relationships with others. This in turn obviously affects our level of satisfaction with our lives, mental peace and happiness.

Authenticity and Spontaneity are two very important elements of Mindfulness. These are our ability to be honest with oneself and others and our ability to be in the present. Clearly these impact on all actions and therefore our sense of satisfaction and the quality of  our relationships.

Ragini Rao, Psychotherapist and Trainer(TSTA) explains the importance of these two aspects in this short film by Sirish Rao, a sequel to our earlier film “Mindfulness – 1 ; Cultivating Mindfulness through Yoga”.


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In our earlier film, Ragini had spoken about how Yoga is a simple, yet effective way to build Mindfulness.

Here is the link of the earlier film.



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