Trusting the inner voice – Intuition and life’s journeys

Trusting the inner voice – Intuition and life’s journeys

Sonal Kothari

Independent Professional Trainer & Coach


Intuition is something that is showing up in many forms on my radar these days. With this article, I offer you dear reader, four samples of the varied possibilities I explored, that may open up something for you; to engage and hone your own intuitive processes.

Intuition is powerful during childhood

First- My daughter did an increasingly popular workshop recently, on Intuition. She was blindfolded but was able to know pictures and colours, present on a paper held out to her. No you can’t use the word “guessed”; and here’s the story to that.

After the event, we were driving back in the car, discussing her experience at the workshop. My son, who hadn’t been to the workshop, was being urged to try his Intuition.

“Don’t think, R; let the image appear, his sister instructs. It will come. it’s already there and you’re not supposed to guess! So don’t use your mind”, she said . We hear a squeal in the back of the car, as my son starts speaking animatedly, “OMG, that’s weeeeird. That’s sooo weird!” He re-emphasises. “This word just popped into my head.” He repeats that a few more times in clear dis-belief.

“Is it “Cat”?” Yes it is! They continue to discuss the “whats and hows” and the freakiness of it all. “I thought it was a picture you would draw, he says. I didn’t know you would write a word. It just appeared in my head.” My husband and I exchange glances.

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The organisers claim all children can intuit and there is evidence galore to prove it. You might have a kid in your neighbourhood that can show you this magic, first hand.

Psychodrama – Using Intuition to uncover life’s connections

The second – I recently completed a workshop on Psychodrama – it was an amazing experience. Psychodrama is an action method that “enacts invisible dynamics”. The dynamics may be between parts of yourself: the part that wants that ice-cream and the part saying you shouldn’t. Or, if we look at workplace dynamics: “how do I stand up to the unreasonable demands of my boss?”, for example.

You can explore dreams, relationships- in the past, present or future; conflicts, unresolved issues….. Basically with an experienced psycho-dramatist, any exploration is possible. So what, you may ask, has that got to do with intuition?

EVERYTHING! Because psychodrama uses what they call “tele” or the “knowing”, that we all have; to guide the process of uncovering the connections that are not apparent or visible. “Tele” or intuition, informs the participants and the dramatist both. As the work unfolds, so does clarity. Often resolution happens – none of these things are actively sought – they are an outcome of following, in a safe space, one’s guts to see what we couldn’t before.

Using Intuition to figure out ailments

The third sample I want to share, with respect to Intuition, is the work of renowned medical Intuitive, Carolyn Myss. With her intuition, she can tell what ails you medically.She does it on the phone, just by knowing your name and age. She’s done this for over 35 years and has developed it into a whole body of amazing work. It’s all kosher; she’s worked with a topnotch Harvard surgeon and other medical professionals from all over the world. Her accuracy rate is 97%! She is running a free online workshop on intuition currently, which is linked here and which I recommend you watch.

The Flow Game

The fourth – something that happened this year. I attended a training in this beautiful process that is the Flow Game. The Flow Game, developed in Denmark and based on many ancient traditions, has a group of 4-6 people, sitting down to ground, strengthen and bring clarity and flow to their life, leadership and actions. Each player, plays with an intention or a question, about something that is significant for them in the present. The Game uses the power of the group, the collective, to explore each question. Sometimes, ….maybe often, beautiful things happen. This game too, uses the power of the higher knowing of the individuals. It’s not effortful; you don’t need skill. You don’t need anything, but your question – the rest just happens!

How do we develop and strengthen Intuition

“Mind it” –  as they say in Bengaluru ; which means, pay attention. Intuition often is the merest of whispers – so listen for it.

“Trust it” – this is the hard part. Since we are taught to dismiss or discount “stuff like that”, in favour of data, facts, “should”s, “must”s and other people’s opinion. I invite you to experiment on the low hanging fruit, the easy stuff. Like what you want to eat, wear, people you want to call, hang out with, quiet time you need. These messages are available 24/7/365 – as very small whispers, in the mind;  start to experiment with “trusting” your inner voice. Practice, practice, practice; soon you will feel comfortable and confident.

“Honour it” – this is the part where you act. You put into action (not saying or not doing something is also acting upon your intuition) what your inner voice, higher or meta self is saying.

My wish for you, dear reader, is that you get intimate with your intuition – your gut – this year; for, it will help you unfold your intended journey.

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Shailendra Vijayvergia
Shailendra Vijayvergia

Loved the 3 step process to develop intuition – Mind it, Trust it and Honour it. Can not be more simpler than this.

Sonal Kothari

Thank you Shailendra

Anindita Lakhani

Wonderful article

Sonal Kothari

Thank you Anindita :)!


[…] what is, without being clouded by thoughts and emotions. It may be gained by accessing your intuition; when you quieten your mind, a clear picture emerges from all the clutter; and a to-do list emerges […]

Sonal Kothari

Namaste – did you mean that you liked these lines or you were wondering about them or …….. ? :)!


[…] what is, without being clouded by thoughts and emotions. It may be gained by accessing your intuition; when you quieten your mind, a clear picture emerges from all the clutter; and a to-do list emerges […]

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