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Brand Positioning in the digital age – 2; Validating the positioning – Startup experiences

Brand Positioning in the digital age – 2; Validating the positioning – Startup experiences

Rohit Khatua

Marketing & Sales Consultant, Founder - Rockit Marketing


The starting point of any #brand building journey is always only one – the customer. Customers or consumers interact with your brand in many ways and at all times. Every such experiences adds or subtracts from the brand perception. Validating the brand positioning is, therefore, critical to ensure that we can sustain the brand positioning for long in the minds of the consumers.

Here’s a sequel to our earlier film on brand positioning. Watch three young #entrepreneurs share their experiences and learnings on how to validate the #positioning their brands.


And here’s our first film on Brand Positioning. The entrepreneurs talk about the relevance of brand positioning and how they arrived at their current positioning.

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A big thank you to Anushree Bishnoi of Unfound.Ai, Yash Hisaria of St.D’Vence and Shriya Nagi of Kern Culture for participating in this film; and Sirish Rao and team from for making this film.

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