Nisha Rao

Educator, Life Coach and Therapist

A mother, educator, life coach and therapist, Nisha Rao has over 20 years’ experience in people practices, behavioural training, learning & development, education and life coaching. She has worked with individuals, families and groups in corporations and educational institutions.

Nisha is a Certified Transactional Analyst, Certified Psychodrama Instructor, NLP Practitioner, Child & Adolescent Counsellor and Life Skills Trainer. She has specialisedin TA-Psychotherapy and TA-Organisational Development.

She says “One of the biggest gifts I have received in my life is Transactional Analysis and it has made me truly appreciate who I am! I am grateful to all the beautiful people who have shaped my professional and personal growth over the years. I believe that it is my purpose to share this gift with many!”


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