You are your Child’s Hero – Developing Parenting Skills

You are your Child’s Hero – Developing Parenting Skills

Nisha Rao

Educator, Life Coach and Therapist


How Parenting Skills can affect a child, becomes obvious when we look around and see children, teenagers and even adults with different kinds of behaviour. Intuitively, we commend or criticise the parents for what their child is turning out to be. The truth is that parenting skills are built through awareness, serious thought and capabilities, to ensure parents do their best for their children.

Nisha Rao , Educator, Therapist and Life Coach works with parents in guiding them through the parenting journey.

In this second film in the series “360 degree parenting”, Nisha Rao speaks about how a parent is the hero for a child and therefore, what is important for parents to focus upon, while bringing up the child.

In the first film of the series, the link of which is given below, Nisha speaks about and asks what is central to any #relationship to make it successful and sustainable.  What is at the core in #Parenting; a relationship which is  so much more significant and impressionable? Nisha Rao, explains the answers to these questions in this introduction film of the series  “360 degree Parenting.

This film series is made by Sirish Rao.

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