L K Vaidyanathan

Business Leader & Management Professional

LK Vaidyanathan (LKV, Vaidy) is the  CEO of Chainsys Corporation, ( www.chainsys.com) a multinational software company. Prior to that he has been in increasing leadership roles with Philips, Titan, Arvind mills, GE Healthcare companies.An ardent proponent of Organic Farming, he is also the founder Director of Sahaja Organics,(www.sahajaorganics.com ) a leading Farmer Producer Company, widely recognized and supporting multiple farmer groups across Karnataka and nearby states. Vaidy is supporting Special Needs Children and is part of the executive team at PAPCP,( www.papcp.org ) a parents initiative to provide dignified vocational life to children with special capabilities located at Mini Bal Bhawan , Jeevan Bhima Nagar, Bangalore.He is also advising a couple of startup companies in the Medical Devices and Medical Training sector. His hobbies include singing, practicing yoga and poetry.


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