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What does it mean to be Spiritual? – Finding God within us.

What does it mean to be Spiritual? – Finding God within us.

Uday Khedkar

Founder of Life learning Solutions Pvt Ltd


We live in a country, which prides itself on its spiritual heritage. Experiments with ways of connecting with ‘God’ have culminated in various approaches originating from India, as pathways of connecting or being one with ‘God’.

Several Yogis, Buddha, Mahaveer, Guru Nanak and others shared their wisdom, gained from their experiments with truth and self-realisation.

However, over the years, the aspect of realising the God within us, or the ‘kingdom of heaven within’ has been pushed aside or forgotten.

We have now given God a human profile. Someone who can be bribed; who would get angry if we don’t give some offering; who can be vengeful in case we don’t behave properly; someone to be feared or one who can be manipulated etc.

But the truth, as spoken  by the spiritual masters over the millenia, has repeatedly reinforced  that God is really within us and our life’s purpose is around discovering and experiencing this God.

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This poem looks at the current state of affairs and the way of breaking out of this self-imposed, restrictive definition of God, by going on a journey of self-discovery. A self-discovery, that would enable a connection with one’s essence and inspire a life of service.


What does it mean to be spiritual?

Visiting places of worship,

Offering gifts and bribes to God,

Hoping for blessings from the one above?


Keeping a fast for personal gain,

Praying selfishly to address some area of pain.

Following everyday, some ritual,

Is that what it means to be spiritual?


The essence of being spiritual is reverence;

Reverence towards all of creation,

Be it nature, machines or human.

Be they Hindu, Muslim or Christian!


It includes-

Mindfulness and respect in each action.

Whether at home, at work or with people;

Giving yourself fully to a life of service,

With love and serene passion.


Cultivating love, reverence and mindfulness?

Living a life of service beyond self?

Easier said than done,

A mere knowledge of this serves none.


Lifetimes of conditioning, based on fear and survival;

Shifting mindsets from God-fearing to God-loving,

Need to be addressed, in order to access

Our essence and a spiritual revival.


It requires a commitment to go on a journey,

Possibly the most thrilling one undertaken;

Playing the inner game…addressing your truth,

Courageously embracing …the journey within!





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Indira Rao

Well said! Spirituality is different from religion, one defining your individual connection to God while the other is a more communal, organized display of worship of God. One can be spiritual yet not religious and be a true human. The opposite (religion withiut spirituality) is where you run into us vs them, many times leading to radicalism.

Pratap Nambuar
Pratap Nambuar

Could’nt agree more Uday. Finding God within us is a spiritual journey of discovery.

Vinayak Sapre
Vinayak Sapre

Very well said sir. As kabir says ‘jyon nainan mein putali,tyon maalik ghar maahi,moorakh log na janiye, baahar dhoondhat jai. It means god is within us and people try to find him outside.

Madhusree Dasgupta
Madhusree Dasgupta

Nice thoughts Uday. You might want to read up articles from SGI.ORG specifically by Daiseku Ikeda. I follow him. The expressions are similar. Though his writings are based on Buddhism Lotus Sutra

Uday Khedkar

Thanks Madhu ! For the appreciation and sharing….

Ramesh k
Ramesh k

Uday, very well said. Kudos

Sanjay Mishra
Sanjay Mishra

Thanks for sharing Uday. It’s only one life, we must embrace our calling