Do you have an unfinished business in any relationship? Here’s a quiz.

Do you have an unfinished business in any relationship? Here’s a quiz.


Relationships have a way of persisting even after a physical separation. We have imaginary conversations with people from our past, often drudging up old wounds and arguments.

And just like a real argument, these internal dialogues with people from our lives may or may not be productive. When counterproductive, we might feel that there was a lack of closure or that some issue remains unresolved, leading to negative feelings like anger, regret, or shame.This phenomenon is often referred to as unfinished business.

Those who have experienced the loss of a person in their lives; either due to the break in relationships – in personal life or at work; or a loss due to the death of a close person, may go through this predicament.

How do you resolve a conflict when the other person isn’t there anymore in your life?

To move on in life, one needs to  accept/resolve and let go with issues in relationships. At times, it is useful to take specific actions, including meeting a therapist, to take help in moving through this process.

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Take this short  Unfinished Business Quiz to see if you have an unfinished business in your life’s relationships; and to gauge how intense is the feeling.

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