Parents & Teenagers – Need for a constant dialogue in the relationship

Parents & Teenagers – Need for a constant dialogue in the relationship

Shubha Sagar

Educator and Counsellor


Mention the word parenting, specially with respect to teenagers and a whole lot of experiences and remembrances come to mind; some, which are one’s own and many, about others’ experiences; many good and some not so good.

In all of them, one thought, that’s consistently there, is that it is a passing phase. A period of 5 to 6 years when the child is going through a new set of exposures and experiences in life; and when the parent, suddenly, finds that the child is growing up too fast.

In current times, with the information explosion over the internet and social media, the situation is very different from what the present generation of parents went through, when they were teenagers.

Experience says, just be calm; allow the child to go through this phase without overly controlling. Build better bonds through empathy and sane talk.

Here’s a poem for all the parents going through this phase in their lives right now; and for those who will soon be in it.

Teens versus Parents

Blaming teens has become a fashionable mantra and rap,

But doesn’t it take two to create and even bridge that gap?

“Blame it on our hormones”, the teens have to so often say,

And Parents say, “Even during our teens, they were at play!”

“Oh, things are different now you see”, the teens exclaim,

Parents retort, “You better not give excuses, that too lame”.


Between parents and teenagers goes on such a conversation,

And this has been continuing from generation to generation.

Let us all make a sincere effort to improvise this equation,

And with some more empathy, give it an all new dimension.


It’s true, there are several issues that we need to be resolve,

But a little understanding can help this relationship evolve.

No doubt, parenting is a challenging and arduous task today,

But then for the teenagers too, it is certainly not an easy way!


In these times of knowledge explosion and technical revolution,

Finding a solution to endless questions, demands an evolution.

Facing challenges and meeting parents’ and own expectations,

Is just not an easy task, invariably leading to many frustrations.


Who says issues between parents and teens cannot be resolved?

With sincere efforts, the most complex situations can be solved.

What is required is, hand holding and heart to heart discussions,

Also, to build and strengthen bonds through healthy interactions.


Let us give each other a listening ear and some respectful space,

And soon, with each other’s strides, we shall be able to keep pace.


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Bina Pillai
Bina Pillai
6 years ago

Love the poem Shubha Sagar.. profound and well expressed.

Sarala Balachandran
Sarala Balachandran
6 years ago

Very good write shubha ji