Stories that Move us -3 ; Defining Values through Stories

Stories that Move us -3 ; Defining Values through Stories

Atul Jog

Founder, Director Life Learning Solutions


It is so important for a team to imbibe organisational values with the same spirit with which they were envisioned.Explaining values through true stories is a powerful way to ensure they are understood as needed . Here is our short film, Defining Values through Stories, the last one in our series, Stories that Move us, that talks about this subject.

Atul Jog, Leadership Transformation Facilitator and Coach, explains, with true stories, how stories can have an impact on listeners.

This film is the last part of a series of 3 short films titled Stories that Move us,  made by Atul Jog and  Sirish Rao.

Below are the links of the earlier two films in this series, where Atul Jog speaks about the need for organisational leaders to cultivate the habit of using real stories to make an impact on the minds of the team members; and to develop the ability of Effective Leadership.

Stories that Move us – 2; Effective Leadership 

Stories that Move us -1 ; Leadership Talk


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