Personal Brand  – taking the VALUE angle for a more present YOU!!

Personal Brand – taking the VALUE angle for a more present YOU!!

Gaurika Jain

Leadership, Executive & Career Coach


The story begins with YOU.

Y – You, O– Only, U-Unique.

To start with, let me share a few quotes on personal branding or on the essence of one’s story:

“Your brand is a gateway to your true work” .. Dave Buck, CEO & Coach

“Personal branding is about managing your name – even if you don’t own a business – in a world of misinformation, disinformation and semi permanent Google records” – Tim Ferris, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author

“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in heart forever.” ~ Native American Proverb

Personal Brand – Telling your story

So what is personal branding all about? And, why should one be bothered about it?

Your personal brand story is your communication about your passion, your choices – in education, career, company, friendships; about you stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something about it.

In short it’s about who you are; the pain you take to create and recreate yourself. The world gets a sneak peek into the brand called YOU by the way you communicate – verbally, in writing, in sharing your opinion, in doing things or in making choices.

This could be through the social media posts, the Instagram story and feeds, your Linkedin profile, your resume et al.

To do this narration for your personal brand, there is also a need to look within and understand yourself; to discover some core aspects about yourself.

In order to narrate this story,  ask yourself a few core questions –

 “What is my personal brand?”

“ What is my story?”

“What defines me?”

“What makes a great story?”

“What do I most value in my life?”

“How can I use the values towards reaching my goals – long/short term?”

Behind every thing you do, there are some driving forces or Values – which drive you and your choices.

One very important need is to adopt and practice appropriate values in life; and in every thing that we do, that truly help connect with people around .

Key Values to build the Personal Brand

Here are some intrinsic values which  work for us at any juncture. Embrace them for the brand called YOU.


Your engagement with the outside world is possible if you are engaged with yourself truly. There are several instances when one adds a project or a skill; or a role one has not done, to bag the interview or the job. Doesn’t that dilute your personal brand?

It’s ok to say “I do not know this, but I will pick this up”. Honesty, as a value, is always appreciated – see the movies around – it’s always the victory of good over evil , honesty over a dishonesty that tugs our heart. So be pays!!


As homo sapiens, freedom is non-negotiable. Sit down with yourself and write out instances when your personal freedom got curbed – be it with parents, deciding which stream/career you should choose; or, a Manager at work who would demand your time outside work; or your love interest or spouse who would keep a tab on where you going or socialising with, etc. 

As a nation, we very well are aware about how we stood up when freedom was at stake and got our freedom back. So, think about what does freedom mean to you and your personal brand; and how best you can protect it – without hurting or curbing someone else’s freedom.


Everyone likes respect – be it in personal or professional relationships. Money is undoubtedly a driving factor while making many life decisions. Without respect the acceptance or feel good factor is lost. Imagine being paid a million dollars with insults. Will you compromise your personal brand on respect?

Respect definitely is earned.

To get respect, be prepared to give respect. This can be done in small, simple gestures – being on time, sticking to commitment, completing projects within time, appreciating the work and contribution of others, respecting other’s privacy, specially on social media, refraining from posting comments on social media posts.


Empathy is different from sympathy, which is when you feel sorry for someone, pity them or are thankful you don’t have to face the same situation. Empathy, on the other hand is empowering – feeling what the other person is feeling, understanding and being compassionate.

When one is empathetic the words you would choose, your gestures – non verbal cues, are from a position of  understanding. You contribute more by acknowledging their pain, sharing how you feel, being encouraging and supportive.

Now the million dollar question is – How will you and your personal brand bring the above values of honesty, freedom, respect and empathy in your communication; and in conversations not only with others, but with yourself?

 Deep dive into your daily routine, the people whom you interact with everyday, your co-workers, manager, you as a person and the different roles you play, to work out the way forward.

Practising and including the values will make for a stronger personal brand; and will add depth to the story called YOU!!

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Meenu Sareen
1 year ago

Excellent article! Congratulations

1 year ago

Very correctly mentioned…every individual is a brand and he only has to make & keep value for himself.

Anindita Lakhani
1 year ago

Very useful, from the very beginning. Key takeaway You Only Unique

Rakhi Shroff
Rakhi Shroff
1 year ago

Great Gaurika! Rightly said.

Teknik Informatika
Teknik Informatika
4 months ago

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