Our Voices Our Stories – 8 Life changing stories of young professionals

Our Voices Our Stories – 8 Life changing stories of young professionals

Lakshit Kankariya

Podcaster & Author


A new book is here, that is all set to redefine boundaries of personal growth and mindsets, in order to make necessary changes in life to follow one’s dreams. A book that can inspire the young generation to take on challenges to build a life they want.

The book, named Our Voices Our Stories is the brainchild of Lakshit Kankariya, who has been able to make his way and connect with inspirational entrepreneurs & career professionals from all over india.

The professionals share their life changing stories in brief in this book; about their struggles and successes, which can motivate and inspire all professionals in the deepest way possible.

Here’s what Lakshit has to say about this book

We all have so many people around us today, in our networks, who keep telling us about their successes, wins and achievements in life. No matter how big or small; prestigious, significant or insignificant it be, it definitely makes one feel happy to know about these. Yet, it confuses us at the same time.

It makes us happy that someone from our group is making good headways towards success. But it also confuses us, because, we then start comparing ourselves subconsciously with them and belittling ourselves by wondering, “Why am I not as successful as him or her?”

It could be a dangerous trap that we fall into. The moment we open any social media channel, we keep seeing how happy, fit, smiling and joyous our peers are; without ever understanding what goes on behind the scenes. This works like a potent drug, clouding our perception of what the reality actually is.

This happens especially when it comes to making life changing decisions – starting a business, creating a startup, getting a new job or in the initial few months of your freelancing journey.

Our Voices Our Stories is about how you can change your life

“Our Voices Our Stories isn’t just about inspirational stories. It’s about how you too can change your life, one step at a time, even if you feel that nothing can be worse than whatever is happening to you right now.

You might be – stuck in a dead-end job, running a business which isn’t giving you the results you desire, chasing clients but they aren’t coming through, stuck in a city with less opportunities, feeling low with toxic relationships in your personal or professional life.

Or, you might just be completely unhappy with yourself for any reason whatsoever!

True Life Changing Stories help us make significant changes in our lives

No matter what your situation might be at this moment, I personally guarantee the fact that it’s not going to be the same tomorrow, the day after or even one year down the line. It’s all going to change; and it begins with how you program discipline, reprogram focus, learn new skills, and unlearn negative feelings which hold you back from living the life of your dreams.

This book will inspire you to quit the job which you so lovingly hate, start that new business you really want to do; or, become that self employed professional; or, start that new social project you so much wish to do!

It will imprint your mind with powerful stories which have the ability to make you rethink about having a positive mental health, higher self-esteem, increasing your confidence levels and making you feel proud about the fact that you have a much bigger purpose in this world; beyond achieving success in your personal and professional life.

It is all about knowing who you are and building a strong character.That is something which is going to be with you for the rest of your life.

So, I hope you enjoy and stay inspired through each and every single moment, because the time, opportunities, mindset and ideas that you have, will help change your own life and the world!

Check out the book at the below link –

Amazon india: https://www.amazon.in/Our-Voices-Stories-Ankit-Puri/dp/9356482004

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