Living in the moment – Leading a happier life without distractions

Living in the moment – Leading a happier life without distractions

Haider Jasdan

Senior HR Professional


Life is full of distractions. There are multitudes of things that demand our attention every day, pulling us in different directions. Our responsibilities – at work or with family, friends and society at large, often distract us from living and relishing the simple moments of life.

One of the best, unforeseen consequence of simplifying our lives, in the post pademic era, is that, it has allowed us to begin living our lives in the present moment.

Mindfulness is the practice of living in and being aware of, the present moment; free from judgment and overthinking. It can help quieten some of these distractions and allow us to lead a more balanced life.

Living in the Moment

Living in the present moment means, no longer worrying about what happened in the past; and not fearing what will happen in the future. It means enjoying what’s happening now; and living for today.

Being in the present and aware of the here and now is a precious gift that we can offer ourselves, in order to honor our lives. Being mindful of our thoughts, emotions and feelings evolving at the moment, tells a lot about ourselves.

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Choosing to live in the past or the future not only robs us of enjoying today, it also robs us of truly living. The only important moment, therefore,  is the present moment.

Keeping this spirit of living in the moment in my mind, I had penned down this Urdu poem called ‘Lamha’. Here’s the poem, with its English translation alongside.

Hope you enjoy reading the poem in this moment!!! 😊


Ghazab hai,

Ye lamho ka khel bada ghazab hai,

Na sunta ha, na kuch kehta hai.

Ek pal mein khushi baat deta hai,

to dooje mein saare gam akele sehta hai.

Ghazab hai ye lamha.

Woh maachis ki tilli se chingaari nikalta lamha,

Woh paymane se boond girne ka lamha.

lamha kuch kho jaane ka,

lamha kuch khokar phirse paane ka.

Kisika iss duniya mein aane ka lamha,

Kiska alvida kehkar jaane ka lamha.

Kabool ka lamha. Talaaq ka lamha.

Dariya chhoot jaane ka lamha,

kinaare taq pohchne ka lamha.

Adhura lamha, Poore hokar bhi adhura rehne ka lamha.

In lamho ko maine kayi poshak mein dekha hai

muskurate hue, rote hue.

Kabhi door khadi manzil ke liye daudte hue,

kabhi saari thakaan ke baad chain se sote hue.

Sochte hue, Nishaan pochte hue.

Insaaniyat mein, Haiwaaniyat mein.

Rang badalta hai ye lamha, girgit ki tarah;

Fitrat hai ye uski. Seerat hai ye uski.

Ye lamha uss paraaye shaks ki tarah hai

Jisse na main pehle mila tha. Na jaanta tha.

Na woh mera tha kabhi, shaayad na mera hoga kabhi.

Jispe mein yakeen na karta tha. Na kar paaunga.

Ye bas kuch pal ki mulaqaat ka maamla hai,

phir woh apne raaste. Main apne.

Koi aaur lamha agle chauraahe pe khada hai.

Naqaab liye. Kitaab liye.

Zindagi ke saare hisaab liye.

Lamha, in lamhe ko main qaid karna chahta hoon

chumbak ki tarah.

Na hil sake, na kissiko mil sake,

bas mera ho jaaye.

Abhi ke liye. hamesha ke liye!

The Moment

How baffling is this game that moments play,

Not listening, not speaking;

Bringing happiness in this moment and,

Bearing alone the world’s sorrows in the next.

Strange is this moment.

The moment that ignited the matchstick

The moment that separated droplet from scale.

The moment of something lost;

The moment of something lost and regained.

The moment of arrival to this world;

The moment of farewell and leaving.

The moment of vows, the moment of separation.

The moment of leaving the ocean;

The moment of reaching the shores.

The incomplete moment.

The moment of being incomplete, even though one is complete.

In many a guise have I seen these moments

Smiling and weeping.

At times, running to the distant destination;

At times blissful, in tired sleep.

Thinking and removing scars of the soul;

In humanity, in in-humanity.

Chameleon-like, in its changing colours, is this moment.

Such is its nature, such is its ilk.

This moment is like the stranger

Who I knew not before, nor had I met.

Who was not mine, nor perhaps will ever be.

In whom I had not faith, nor will I ever have.

This is but, a matter of a fleeting encounter.

And then to part ways, he to his and I to mine.

Another moment awaits, at the next crossroads.

With veil and a voluminous book in hand,

Along with the account of life.

Oh these moments, wish that I could imprison them

Like a magnet;

Not to move, nor to meet.

Just to be mine,

For now and for ever!

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Beautiful shayaaranapan. Wah wah. 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍

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Lovely words as always ❤️