Sujith K Bhaskaran

Founder & Managing Director, GigsBoard India

Sujith K Bhaskaran is the Founder of GigsBoard India, a SAAS Work Management marketplace that allows businesses to build teams on demand; using Freelancers, Agencies, their own staff or a combination of these; and, generate an environment where transparency and efficiency of work is boosted, costs & schedules are optimized and trust and team engagement are maximized.

He is an experienced Project Management professional with over 30 years of Industry experience, largely working with major corporates such as IBM, TCS, and Boeing before branching out on his own with his own startup.

Sujith is also extremely passionate about his profession, and has volunteered with PMI on multiple  assignments, as well as authored articles on both and PMI Network.

You can connect with Sujith directly at his profile at Linkedin.

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