Ruchi Bhave

Mental Health Counsellor

Ruchi Bhave is a Mental Health Counsellor for individual Adults at InfinumGrowth. The role of a Counsellor is to provide space to the clients to speak out their thoughts; and help them get more clarity on the issue on hand. Going into the depths of your thoughts and feelings together with the Counsellor, can set free the limiting beliefs and unleash your potential.

Ruchi has completed a one year intensive course for Diploma in Transactional Analysis and earned her certificate in Counselling Skills as a part of this. She uses TA as a framework for her counselling approach. She also has a Master’s degree in Psychology from United Kingdom.

She says, “What causes us to behave in the way we do, is a question that has intrigued me. When I started my journey of self-discovery, this question was always in the foreground of it. Transactional Analysis continues to help me understand the ‘why’ behind it all and it is a therapy technique I have come to appreciate.

Ruchi has a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities. Prior to her move into the field of Human Psychology, she has helped manage schools in rural India, worked as an English Language teacher in Hong Kong and later, worked with a clothing factory in China to manage their operations in the US.

Ruchi enjoys working with youth and women. Having achieved weight loss through working on her emotional self, she is keen to work with women who wish to achieve that.

She is also a passionate reader and writer.

Ruchi is here to facilitate your journey of self-discovery through are articles and Counselling work, providing insights and support as you walk this path.


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