Ravindra MK

co-Founder, BHIVE Workspace

Ravindra MK is a co-founder of BEEHIVE Workspace. He is Senior management professional, thought leader and Influencer with over 13 years of experience across Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Community Management, Sales, Business Development, HR, Finance, CRM, Public Relations, Relationship Management, Fund raising, Events, Startup Ecosystem, Real Estate, IT, Operations, Consulting, Analyst, Project Management, Angel investing, Speaker, Writer, Visiting faculty, Training, Mentoring and Networking with people. Ravindra has successfully run teams, profit centres & SBUs managing P/L. Being a startup founder, he played an instrumental role in building the organization from scratch and has been responsible for developing strategic plans for business growth, scaling, branding, customer success, customer engagement, customer retention, market expansion, building company culture, product development and technology adaption; have led teams of diverse employees and have a proven track record in building teams, best practices, new revenue streams & delivering business results.

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