Radhika Ghanekar

Counsellor, Maanas, Ahmedabad

A master’s in Clinical Psychology from Gujarat University, pursuing Post Graduate Program in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Radhika Ghanekar is a counsellor at Maanas, Ahmedabad. Radhika believes in the humanitarian approach and wishes to live up to it. A desire to help people and be a true listener is what drives her to the profession, along with the fascination to learn more about the psyche and its inner workings. At Maanas, she has also been involved in conducting workshops and testing for school as well as college students.

Radhika has also done certificate courses in Psychological Assessment and Testing, Psycho-educational Intervention. As one of the authors of the Maanas blog, From the Brewery of Life, she also aspires to make a creative contribution towards the awareness of emotional well-being.


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