Lakshya Dutta

Founder & CEO Launchora

Lakshya Datta is the Founder & CEO of Launchora, a platform for storytelling and creative learning.

He has been writing and telling stories since 2009, and has been teaching workshops, seminars, and courses on a diverse range of topics since 2011.

Before starting Launchora, Lakshya was a lecturer at San Diego State University where he taught Finance & Valuation at their business school. Lakshya left finance behind to start Launchora in 2014. He hosts a weekly podcast on storytelling ( and also writes a weekly guide on creative learning (

He is currently running creativity and storytelling programs(online and offline) at schools, colleges and businesses all over India. Lakshya graduated from University of California, San Diego in 2011 with a B.Sc. in Management Science.

You can read Lakshya’s stories at