Kusum Mongia

Mindfulness Facilitator

Kusum Mongia is a qualified and experienced Mindfulness Facilitator.

She has flourished in a diverse set of industries ranging from Engineering, Corporate Strategy, Life-Coaching and Mindfulness during her 38-year long professional career.  She has lived, studied and worked in India, the USA and the UK. 

Kusum has an undergraduate degree in Electronics Engineering (with Distinction) from the University of Delhi, India.  She has an MBA (with Honors) from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, IL, USA.  Later, after a good stint in her corporate life, Kusum went on to earn an MSc (with Distinction) in Mindfulness Based Approaches from Bangor University in Wales, UK.  

In addition to her MSc in Mindfulness, Kusum has a Certificate for Readiness to Teach ‘Mindfulness at Workplace’ from Oxford Mindfulness Centre at the University of Oxford in England, UK.  She is also certified to teach .b Mindfulness course (offered by MiSP, Mindfulness in Schools Project in the UK) to 11-18 year olds in the school environment.

In her working life, she had started work as a young professional at Tata Burroughs Ltd and after that moved to Unisys corporation in India and in the USA.  She then devised corporate strategy for multiple clients as a consultant at McKinsey Inc. before working as a corporate executive at Motorola in Chicago, USA and Basingstoke, UK.

Kusum has been facilitating Mindfulness sessions and courses since 2014.  Her personal experience with Mindfulness and an overwhelming positive feedback from her clients, motivates her to share the tools for becoming mindful.  Her primary objective of sharing her expertise in Mindfulness is to increase the well-being of her clients and the communities she engages in. 

She facilitates the 8-week ‘Mindfulness for Wellbeing’ course based on the worldwide known MBSR course curriculum.   She also offers a 7-week ‘Mindful Attitudes for Daily Life’ course that can be used as an introductory stepping stone to the more intense 8-week curriculum or it can be used to refresh one’s mindfulness practice in a busy life.

Kusum follows the Good Practice Guidelines set for Mindfulness teachers in the UK.She invites all to explore and experiment with the secular practice of Mindfulness to see how it unfolds in their lives.

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