Unveiling the wealth of ancient wisdom – buried under modern education

Unveiling the wealth of ancient wisdom – buried under modern education

Sridhar Rao

Management Consultant and Coach



Recently we made a short film about Intuition. It was an intriguing subject and we thought it was worth exploring.

In the process, we met different people to understand what they knew about the subject. What was certainly very interesting and amazing was what we saw at the Art of Living centres in Bengaluru. We saw children being trained in Pragnya Yoga- the process of awakening their intuitive capabilities; derived from India’s large repository of ancient wisdom.

The results were astounding!

Children were blindfolded and could do things like

  1. Read a book on any randomly opened page, by feeling the page with their hands
  2. Play games like snakes & ladders and chess blindfolded
  3. Walk and correctly follow a person at a distance in front without seeing, touching or hearing the person’s steps
  4. Write blindfolded, to copy exactly some written matter which was given to them by us
  5. Solve the rubik’s cube, blindfolded, within 3-4 minutes

If we had just heard of such claims from someone, without personally witnessing them, we would probably have laughed it out as a smart trick or even a fraud. But this was happening right in front of us. We could test and check for ourselves that it was genuine!

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We were told that in the last couple of years, over 50,000 children so far have been taught these skills. The parents we spoke to confirmed they could see a dramatic change in the child’s behaviour and perception capabilities.

This is just one sample of the many aspects of ancient human capability which seem to have been lost to the modern world.

Modern Education ignores Intuition development

Why has modern education not included such amazing capability building in the school curriculum? Centuries of colonial rule had eliminated pearls of ancient wisdom from the education system. But over the last seventy years and across four or five generations of Indian population, millions of school going children could have been taught such skills to build strong personalities.

The present system teaches us that we have only 5 senses – Sight, Smell, Hearing, Taste,Touch.These are the obvious physical ones which any one can see.

But it has kept silent on the one major non-physical sense that we all have – the sense of Intuition; an ability of sensing, feeling out or perceiving the truth. It is a capability which gets built through the practice of keeping the body&mind relaxed and undisturbed, despite all the noise around us. If a few days of training can give the children the ability to do so many things blindfolded, we should wonder what humans could do if their intuitive capabilities were fully built and exploited!

This skill is just one of the many aspects of ancient wisdom that Yoga offers to the world; and Yoga, a science that nurtures both the body and mind with an amazing array of exercises, itself was consciously dumped by India due to centuries of colonial ruled education.

It is only after the western world woke up to it and started making it a commercial success, that “intellectuals” in this country started acknowledging Yoga’s advantages!

So much for the scientific temper and self awareness we are supposed to have developed with modern education!

Scientific Temper can help build human character

True human character gets built only when people evolve spiritually from deep within. A genuinely evolved person would have a philosophy of life and a sensitivity to perceive nature’s gifts, be it in humans or in other aspects of nature.

Today’s education is totally superficial. It has built the capability to think, analyse and physically act. But it has not taught us to perceive, be sensitive, intuit and evolve from within as humans. As a result today’s person is largely, just a shallow, greedy, impatient, programmed individual with no respect for either people or other creations of nature; and the world is steadily getting destroyed with such a culture.

Scientific temper builds a capability to enquire; but (a) if the enquiry is selective in terms of subjects and (b) we reject information without thorough enquiry, it is really an unscientific temper that has been built.

It is this unscientific temper that chose to dump and delete a huge cache of amazing knowledge; that could have built the inner strengths of individuals, by terming it “myths ” and “religious mumbo jumbo”! This is not true just about India. It has happened across the world’s cultures and civilisations.What was not understood by the colonial entities was taken to be irrelevant!

As a result, the less aware power decided what’s right and wrong for the more aware colony! And the after effects of this continue to last even seventy years after they left!

The understanding of science and technology, built over the last few centuries can even now be put to best use; to enquire in-depth, afresh, into the huge wealth of ancient wisdom; and logically and carefully sift wisdom from myth. But it needs to first dump and delete the colonial mindset and the inferiority complex which makes us believe other systems are always better than ours.

There is a slow reawakening happening today; but it needs the will and action from the entire society to repossess what was branded as myth and buried.


Watch this film on Intuition we made recently


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