Starting a business – time to break the shackles of traditional expectations

Starting a business – time to break the shackles of traditional expectations

Anagha Bailur

Founder, Bailur Business Solutions


Coming from a long ancestral line who believed in 9 to 5 jobs, it is only natural to have a streamlined life journey ingrained in our minds. The typical belief – businesses and empires are only for the ones who have money to fall back on.

Conveniently, the other business empires, with people holding inspirational rags to riches stories were ignored. I believe the appetite for risk has been very low for many generations. Such has been the situation in most parts of the country; so much so that we had to wait for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to start a “Make in India” and “Start-up India” campaign!!!

The Fear of Entrepreneurship

It has been observed that even though we may have enough government schemes in India and varied potential in the country, we are either financially shy or knowledge shy towards starting a business; to build our own empires. It is easy to see that we, for a few generations, have followed the pattern of education-graduation-followed by a job; we thus may have skipped a generation or two of business owners.

As a lawyer and business developer by profession, I realised one Sunday through a LinkedIn request, that there is still a fear for the law; and a complete sense of blurry vision, when it comes to compliance and legal requirements. It has been left to the experts; and the internet frenzy and dump of information, accessible at the touch of a finger, has made it even worse.

Varied interpretations, opinions and incomplete knowledge has brought to fore a citizen who is confused, fearing and still lost.

Starting a business – building on one’s strengths

As an entrepreneur, I have decided to change this scenario. With ample experience in customer service and brand management as well, I founded a small, startup friendly company with an aim to guide and work through the talent that India holds. We provide a ‘One stop shop’ experience; by handholding of such talent who are looking to start on their own and break the pattern of the past. We provide end to end solutions for starting a business; from business planning, to strategy for marketing and actual execution of the business. With ample experience in business and brand management, it is a wonderful exercise to be a part of the entrepreneur’s vision and help build that empire that they always dreamt of owning.

The pleasure of helping build a startup enterprise

With the palette of people that I meet, every meeting is a new experience. But there is one thing in common; the hunger to build, the hunger to grow and most of all, they get their driving force from the need to display their work to the world. Most people of the millennial generation live desiring the currency of appreciation and acknowledgement. Therefore, it is very important for them to have a platform. I have worked with manufacturing industries and a team of software developers from Artificial Intelligence to games and experienced a high level of energy and camaraderie at each level.

Another faction that I see that exists is the lesser flexible, new age, older generation. It is not bad to be inflexible, as they have their vision set; and all they wish to do is to bring it across the victory line. I have observed how these firms hold a hierarchal system and lines separating each department that work together to form a sweet symphony. They are open to new ideas, if it helps to reach their position envisioned; and they are willing to take the risk and have an experimental appetite. They come with an ocean of experience and are willing to teach us as well. Open to sharing their experiences, I find these like a Pandora’s box with the immense power of knowledge.

Starting a business – some tips

Here are some tips to the new and budding entrepreneurs starting a business; as well as, for the mature generation exploring new ideas in business

  • Innovate, Plan, Perspire and Implement.
  • Every individual plan is different from the other. It is up to us to make the Unique Selling Point our cash cow!
  • Concretise your plan on paper and satisfy yourself about its viability and longevity by writing down the flow and logic. That’s your starting point. If you get those few dots and dashes right, it is the beginning of a path you build without having to look back.
  • Let’s say you are still unsure. Find a mentor, a senior who willingly shall hold the candle while you build your bridge. There is no shame in asking for help.
  • Paint different performance scenarios. For the worst case scenario, have a Plan B. In my personal endeavour, I didn’t hold a Plan B as failure was never an option, but it may even be a folly on my account.
  • Keep your professional path ready at the crossroad, just in case you wish to walk back for some earnings. Take up smaller freelance opportunities; they not only help your profile and experience, but also provide a professional network.

There are many experiences I wish to gain through my journey as an entrepreneur. Although I am cracking open the shell of expectations from self-employment over the traditional job, hoping for a rags to riches story, I find this opportunity invigorating. With little to no risk appetite, I have jumped aboard a ship in windy waves. I am holding on to the sails to hold them steady.

I hope this inspires and kindles the hunger within others like me, to break their shackles of traditional expectations and become entrepreneurs.


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