Heal your life – Connect within with positivity and self-love

Heal your life – Connect within with positivity and self-love

Ragini Rao

Psychotherapist, Trainer & Life Coach; Heal your Life Workshop Leader


Life is a combination of varied experiences, day in, day out. Many of these, we move through with ease; but some impact us strongly, often leaving indelible marks on our mind and spirit.

Each one of us has a life which is totally ours. It is for us to make the most of it; live it with as much satisfaction as possible; if only we give ourselves that pause to work around these impacts.

Heal your life, designed by Louise L. Hay, is a program that helps us do so, by helping evolve our own philosophy of life.

Louise L. Hay – Healer, Author and motivational speaker

Louise L. Hay(1926-2017) was a world-renowned healer, author and motivational speaker; and the developer of the Heal your Life program, that has been experienced by millions of people around the world. She worked extensively with individuals from dysfunctional families, from all over the world.

She was one of the first people to start promoting the concept of self-help. Her first book, Heal your Body was published in 1976, which speaks about the importance of the mind and body connection. Over a decade or so, its popularity spread across the world, with translations in 25 languages.

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Louise Hay – Her work and philosophy

“We are each responsible for all our experiences.”

Every thought we think is creating our future.”

“It’s only  thought; and a thought can change.”

“The point of power is always in the present moment.”

“We create every so-called illness in our body.

“Resentment, criticism and guilt are the most damaging patterns.”

“We must release the past and forgive everyone.”

“We must be willing to begin to learn to love ourselves.”

“Self approval and self acceptance in the now are the keys to positive change”

…some nuggets from the philosophy of Louise L. Hay

Her philosophy focusses on maintaining positivity and through that, evolving healing techniques for every illness. A process which has been accepted and experienced by millions across the world.

This philosophy evolved as she went though her own, very difficult, experiences in life and came out of them full of positivity. Her biggest challenge was when she was diagnosed with cancer. She worked her way out of it, through a combination of positive affirmations, visualisation, nutritional cleansing and psychotherapy, as explained in her introduction at the website www.louisehay.com .

The Heal your life workshop

Heal your life is a two-day workshop which is a powerful and transformational experience.

The workshop, based on the philosophy of Louise Hay, covers four aspects of the Self – mind, body, emotions and spirit.Through exercises, meditations and visualisations, participants are invited to uncover repressed emotions, outdated limiting beliefs and repetitive patterns of behaviour. They get to understand how these patterns could be sabotaging one’s life in the present; and, not allowing one to live a life of abundance.

Heal your Life

The workshop offers profound insights into the relationship between the mind and body; Exploring the way limiting thoughts and ideas control and constrict us; and understanding the connection between our physical illnesses and our mindsets.

The safe and private space of the workshop allows the participants to get in touch with their inner child; the unexpressed, unmet needs; grieve for it and begin the healing process. Through different exercises, individuals get to understand themselves deeply; to break through the layers of old conditioning; and find the beauty inside.

A healing process like this, in a group, exposes participants to others, who are also struggling with pain and inner conflicts. The group healing method of affirmations and support provides for a spiritual experience.

How the program works

Participants work in pairs or small groups of 3/4.They get insights into their own personality through exercises, meditations, songs, visualisations and affirmations.

Exercises facilitate uncovering one’s limiting beliefs, negative messages and cultural conditioning, which are impacting in unfavourable ways. Meditations and visualisations allow the participants to get in touch with deeper aspects of their personality, leading to accepting and loving oneself.

Affirmations help participants to reconstruct positive messages for themselves, by giving permissions to heal and free oneself of the negative self-talk.

Heal Your Life Program at Bali – Nov 2019- conducted by Ragini Rao

Coming up is my Heal your life program at Bali, Indonesia, with a unique design.

Participants will have the pleasure of attending the workshop while enjoying the beautiful, serene atmosphere of the Being Sattvaa resort at Ubud, Bali, where the program is being held.

A unique element in this particular workshop at Bali, is the use of dance and movements, as a way to facilitate participants to express their suppressed emotions.

Dance and Movements as an added feature

Movements and dance allow us to connect with ourselves at a deeper level. Our body is the store house of memory and feelings, right from the day we are born (and before!!). Through our growing up years, we may find opportunities to express our feelings; and many times, we may not. Our cultural conditioning and parental messages reinforce the need to be strong and not express feelings so easily. These unexpressed feelings/ emotions get stored in our body and manifest in unhealthy ways.

Rhythm is a natural part of our existence; be it breathing or heart beats. The rhythm in dance and music allows the mind and body to relax. Movement and dance help to dissipate the blocks in our body; and allow for energy to flow smoothly. Dance is a powerful way to express and communicate in a non-verbal way.

Chitra Shankar , accomplished classical dancer in the Odissi and Bharatanatyam styles, based at Singapore, has choreographed the dance and movements aspect in the program. She will be personally guiding the participants.

The program at Bali, thus gives an interesting opportunity to reconnect with oneself and be rejuvenated.

For program details and to register for the Bali event, click here.
Note: Lead picture courtesy BeingSattvaa resort, Bali.

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