Sailaja Manacha

Psychotherapist & Transformational Coach

Sailaja Manacha, PCC , is a psychotherapist  and Transformational Coach  working with  senior Management and Leadership teams.

Leadership training is offered in conjunction with coaching  and somatic work as she believes that behavioural changes are sustained with this approach. Being a Behavioral specialist, coaching is addressed towards Behaviour transformation, performance enhancement, role transitions and working towards agreed goals over a 4-6 month period. She runs Physis an organization that uses Psychology as Technology for sustainable change and transformation.She has worked with Leaders in the IT, Telecom and BPO industries as well as social entrepreneurs.

Sailaja, has been working with the focus of Women and Leadership for a few years now both within the corporate space and outside of it. She has been running women only transformational groups and workshops in India and abroad focusing on building their capacity and presence.