The 7 Chakras – How to enhance and enrich our lives

The 7 Chakras – How to enhance and enrich our lives

Ritika Bajaj

Creative Expression and Wellness Expert



At the deepest level, the creative process and the healing process arise from a single source. When you are an artist, you are a healer.  — Rachel Naomi Remen

What if the creative source, and consequently the healing source, is not one, but seven?

As per ancient Indian philosophy, that’s the number of main energy sources or chakras in the body… Circular wheels that spin on their own axis, each located at different points of the spine — starting from the base and touching the crown of your head.

When one has a greater understanding of these energy sources and more awareness about them, one is able to tap into their latent energy; and explore their maximum potential on a daily basis.

If these seven energy sources are well-connected to each other, in perfect alignment, the creative process will only get heightened — flowing like an uninterrupted river, moving naturally toward its destination.

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These seven chakras, or powerhouses within, hold a universe of possibilities — personally and creatively…

When activated, they may just take away any blocks that prevent us from being productive, creative and consistent in everything that we do.

The subject of the seven chakras is vast, and knowledge of it only grows as you go deeper into it, and apply the principles to enhance self growth…

In this article, I present my understanding of the seven chakras and decode them in relation to the creative process…

So, here’s how I think the seven chakras can impact creativity and consequently productivity…because every act we can also be a creative one!

Root Chakra — Make a Start!

This chakra is the storehouse of a heady cocktail of emotions… While some emotions may be empowering, and rev you into creating more, like your drive, ambition, or the need to feel abundant and secure, some of the emotions may disempower you like, fear, doubt, insecurity, a sense of lack or complacency.

The best way to work out these extra emotions — or excess baggage — is to decide to create something new. For that, listen closely to what those emotions are telling you. All emotions convey a message, highlighting a gap that needs to be filled… When that gap is filled, the creative process unfolds.

Look within, address your emotional needs, hidden desires or long-forgotten dreams…and jot them down on paper to see how you can start working on them

Sacral Chakra — Decode Your Why

The sacral chakra located at the navel is a place where emotions flow more freely… If you’re emotions were clogged up, and preventing you from seeing reason at the root chakra, at the sacral chakra they become clearer and you begin to identify the pattern that triggered them.

Reason or intellect thus plays a key role at the sacral chakra, urging you to ask the question ‘why’ when you start to do something. In the creative context, what you wish to create now gets a reason to be — to come alive and show itself to the world.

Take time to discover a sense of purpose in all that you create , and then watch the process unfold naturally.

Solar Plexus Chakra — Write Your to-do list!

This is literally your power centre, located exactly in the middle of the body. The solar plexus chakra drives you to make plans and take action on all that you manifested for, and realised was important at the lower chakras.

Optimise the energy from this chakra by thinking through the processes of what needs to be accomplished — Write a to-do list, make a flow chart, or use any other tool that helps you map the next steps… The solar plexus not only gives you greater clarity, but also stamina to realise your goals.

Planning is key to bring fruition to any of our goals… So tap into the core of your being and chart a clear path to success.

Heart Chakra — Add Commitment to What You Do

It’s the bridge between the lower and higher chakras, placed at the centre of your chest… The heart chakra represents balance, peace, harmony, unconditional love, devotion and balance, and acceptance of life’s many possibilities.

It’s at this chakra that you question if your heart is in something or not. How far can you go to achieve it? How much of your time, energy, and creativity can you commit to your dream or goal? How much risk are you willing to take to see the final outcome, whatever it may be?

The heart has answers to most of our questions… Ask yourself what makes your heart skip a beat, then go ahead and just do it!

Throat Chakra —Communicate Your Dream

You can’t say it till you don’t feel it is a common saying. It’s natural then that the heart chakra is followed by the throat chakra, positioned at the pit of your throat… A space from where all aspects of communication arise.

The throat chakra aids speaking, listening, writing, responding, staying silent, and absorbing, depending on how you’d use like to use the different facets of communication. But most importantly, the throat chakra helps you connect and creatively express your dreams to the world.

Every dream needs an audience, more people to enjoy it… Choose a medium of expression that reflects you, and let your dreams touch the hearts of others.

Third Eye Chakra — Connect the Dots

It’s the place of ideas, intuition and insight… The third eye chakra, located at the centre of your eyebrows, goes beyond the five senses, and allows you to receive and experience what is not in your prior experience.

Most eureka moments emerge from the third eye — when you connect two disparate ideas, or just randomly find a solution to something you struggled with earlier… Something clicks within — an inner knowing that this is how it’s meant to be!

Moments of epiphany can be many — but tuning into them is key. Meditation for a few moments everyday frees up the mind, making space for new ideas.

Crown Chakra — Expand Your Vision

Here’s where all the six chakras merge; where your vision gets enlarged to include the entire circle of people around you, however big or small that is… Essentially, the crown chakra opens you up to the universe.

It is from this space that you no longer work to realise a solitary goal, you realise that everything you do will impact and benefit others too. It’s from the crown chakra that you develop an attitude of service and selflessness, ensuring that all your efforts meaningfully touch more lives.

A daily attitude of gratitude, a small act of kindness, or a sense of surrender to a higher force, are great ways to connect with the spirit of universal consciousness.

These are just a few ways in which the interpretation of the seven chakras can enhance your daily life. But, of course, you need to explore them deeper, and connect with them through greater learning and active meditation.




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