Venkatesh Sundar

Founder & CMO, Indusface

Venkatesh Sundar(Venky) is Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Indusface, an IT security company based at Bengaluru. Venky’s primary responsibility is to strengthen the global brand association of application security with the company. He oversees all marketing activities and is responsible for GTM strategy & revenue growth across the sales channels.

As a founder, Venky has played multiple roles within Indusface for the past 6 years.  Prior to this, as the CTO of Indusface, Venky built the product/service offering and technology team from scratch, and grew it from ideation to getting initial customers with a proven/validated business model poised for scale.

Before joining Indusface, Venky had 10+ years of experience in security industry and had held various management/leadership roles in Product Development, Professional Services and Sales at Entrust.

He has earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from University of Pune and MBA from Queens University Canada.

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